Across the system's borders, a voice is inviting us to follow rhymes of movements to reshape our beliefs. Inspired by MOVE that fought for justice and egalitarianism, we believe in the future. A future that we can't see.



MARWEN BEN CHEIKH - MRWN is a sound designer and art performer. He creates from various materials that he transforms into a unique reflection.
As he became more and more impregnated with sound and its effects on body and mind,
during his university career, at ISAMM, the Higher Institute of the Arts
Multimedia, then at the SAE institute of Berlin, he develops his own style, at the crossroads of
between fury and indulgence, charging and discharging. Always with fury, always
with passion, audacity.
Parallel to his studies, he participates in various film and video projects.
artistic. "Souti bah" (52 '), in 2012; a youth film from the Goethe Institute "Baya" (15 ')
in 2013, "Countdown to votes" ('20) in 2013, "Barraket Essahel" ('60) in 2014.
In Berlin, he further explores the frontiers of sound and sees himself witnessing its interaction.
with other art forms. An expanse that he explores, between painting and photography,
cinema and music, alone or in collective art groups (2016-2017), such as
"Wie eine Feder so Leicht" (6') and "Berührung" (10').
In the same year, he introduced MRWN, thus affirming his own concepts and creations.
artistic. He thus creates, on May 1st, 2018, the graffiti "HUMAN? that he tags on the walls of
Berlin, as well as a Plexiglas photograph "HUMAN1". In 2018. At the same time, he recorded his first album of four
titles, "Percolation" (23').
In 2019, he returns to Tunis where he produces and publishes a double album (29'), ".1". The same
year, in October, he launches the "MOVE project", collaborating with a designer
graphic, MRADZ (Zohra Mrad) for "MOVE. In 2020, Move continues its movement.
MRWN directs a short film (15'), starring Wael Marghni, dancer and
choreographer of the National Ballet of Tunis. "MOVE_" has been rewarded in numerous
international festivals such as Around International Film Festival Berlin (ARFF) in
official selection, "Best sound design" in Los Angeles at Independent Shorts Awards
(ISA), "Best video art" in Venezuela at the Five continents International Film Festival
(FICOCC) and "Best Achievement Award" in Bhutan as part of the Duke Festival
International Film Festival (DIFF).
In 2021, Marwen creates the sound design and music for the dance performance
"RBOUKH", in collaboration with Wael Marghni.


208x156 cm Photography on Plexiglass 
The human 
beings have been living without looking back to what they are. They evolved. They created the concept of evolution and cared about their expansion and power.
Who are you? What are you? How do you define the human inside of you?
HUMAN? is a formula to look at what is really beyond its definition proclaimed by a system that, now, is easily accepted.






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